From Frida Kahlo to Gala Elouard Dalì, from Sonya Delunay to Niki De Saint Phalle, not forgetting my friends and all the women that try to do what they love!

#GALAGIRLS are artists and consultants, mothers and lawyers. They are singles, girlfriends or wives. It is not important what they do during the day but is important the passion they use doing it.

They love the life always trying to take the best. They observe the reality always seeing it in two different prospectives because they know that nothing is as it seems.

They love the night, reading and learning and they know how much is important laughing together.

#GALAGIRLS are the ones that can smile when something is getting difficult, the ones that answer to the phone when you are in trouble, the ones that look inside her selves to understand better their impression.

#GALAGIRLS know the importance of the empowerment, the importance to improve step by step, day by day always remembering that the important thing is the personal balance, that is different for everyone!

#GALAGIRLS are conscious and know what they love. And when they love they use their imagination to create a new world.