Of course. Depending on the design of each piece it’s possible to produce it in 9 or 18 KT gold, in silver or bronze

Every object and jewel is produced in Italy. Every prototype is designed by Gala and produced in Valenza or Arezzo. Every glass in made by expert glass artisan in Murano glass or borosilicate glass.

Yes, it is possible to customize a product with engravings or a particular color or, for jewelry to also include stones.

Yes, you can order every product online but please note that for some it’s necessary to wait 15 days for production, as some of them are custom made to order pieces and as such, the production is made ad hoc for the client.
For more infos contact us at gala@galarotelli.com

Every piece of jewelry is made with stones and precious metal, chosen for aesthetic and quality.

In order to preserve their qualities over time, it’s important to keep them in a dry place and not in direct sunlight or exposed to sources of intense heat. It is highly recommended that each item of jewellery be kept in its separate case or box to avoid being ruined by pieces scratching against one another.

We recommend removing the jewelry when:

  • Showering or Washing your Hands – to avoid residues of soap getting into the small holes in the jewel and oxidising it.
  • Doing Activities that require the use of Corrosive Agents, such as Gardening, Cleaning or Washing Dishes – to not damage the metal and stones.
  • Playing Sports and Physical Activity – to prevent scratches or collisions that could bend the metal.
  • Spraying Perfume, Applying Make up and Lotion – the chemicals contained in the latter can be corrosive, tarnishing both the metal and the stones.
  • Using Products containing Mercury such as Merbromin – it would damage the metal beyond repair.
  • In Sea, Swimming Pools and Thermal or Volcanic Baths – the salt, sulphur and chlorine tarnish metal as well as plating.
  • Getting a Haircut or a Manicure – the chemicals could damage the metal.
  • Sleeping – deforms the shape of the jewellery, loosens the prongs and gemstones.

Gold plated bronze

This metal tends to eventually oxidise and this process will occur prematurely if the metal comes into contact with perfume, saltwater, sulphur, lotion, hairspray or chlorine.

For gold plated bronze you can use a cotton pad soaked with 90 % alcohol-based cleaning product.


Silver and gold plated silver

925 Sterling Silver tends to eventually oxidise and this process will occur prematurely if the metal comes into contact with perfume, saltwater, sulphur, lotion, hairspray or chlorine.

The pH level of one’s skin, which varies from person to person, can also affect how quickly oxidation takes place, which is why it does not fall within manufacturing defects.

Oxidation can be easily resolved by cleaning the silver using a cotton pad soaked with 90 % alcohol-based cleaning product


Yellow Gold 

Yellow gold can be cleaned using a gold specific polishing cloth. Otherwise by washing the jewellery in lukewarm water then gently cleaning it with a soft brush and finally drying it in a non-abrasive cloth.

Gala use DHL service. The prices can be different depending on where the product will be delivered. We try to send you the package within 48 hours, but depends if the product is already available. We are not responsible for late delivery caused by credit card problems.

Domestic – Italy 10,50 €

Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium,France, Germany, Luxemburg, Monaco, Netherlands 25 €

Andorra, Gibraltar, Iceland 35 €

Canada, USA, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thaniland, United Arab Emirates 50 €